Back Bay Manatee Cruise

About the Back Bay Manatee Cruise: Its not really available this year; sorry.


Search for one of Florida's most beloved aquatic mammals - the West Indian Manatee. We have numerous West Indian Manatee roaming our waters, particularly in the area of Sirenia Vista. Manatees pack into this winter haven when the temperatures of the Gulf waters drop. View adult Manatees and their calves, Osprey, Egrets, and Heron.  

************Origin Locations:​ THIS CRUISE IS NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR************


Additional Info:

Scheduling & Departure Times:

Our 1 and 1/2 hour cruise departure time is set at the time of your call, so contact us today!



$35 per person, 4 person minimum. If you have a larger group, please call for charter information.

Contact us if you have additional questions. TEXT 772-214-6359